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Pét Nat

A chilled, cloudy, low-alcohol bottle of pét-nat is the bad boy in a leather jacket, while a bottle of champagne is more like a woman in a Chanel suit.

Under 21

These excellent yet moderately priced bottles won’t get you into any trouble. A perfect choice to brighten up those casual weeknight evenings.


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The tiniest of bubbles create a fine mousse on this golden-lemon shaded delight. On the nose a lovely array of floral and citrus aromas can be detected. Xpressió's medium body supports a balanced mix of both the sweet and the sour on a smooth earthy base. Green fruits and honey mix nicely with a gentle creaminess. Moderate acidity carries this beverage quite nicely into a medium-long finish. A well rounded Brut that combines well with lighter dishes such as lean fish, shellfish and aperitifs.

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Made from hand-harvested Sumoll grapes, this sparkling is complex and powerful. With a deep colour between copper and amber, it has a taste reminiscent of strawberries and cream and soaked fruit. An excellent companion for duck breast and duck paté.

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In a country where almost everyone makes wine, who's to stop you from becoming an accomplished winemaker in your 20s? Baia Abuladze comes from a family of winemakers, but the idea that she, too, could make wine came to her far away from her family's Imereti home – in Tbilisi whiere the air vibrates with exciting possiblilities and even the wind seems to be whispering "Why the hell not?". Tsolikouri is Baia's thing. It's also West Geogia's favourite grape. This Tsolikouri was fermented in traditional clay qvevris, with part of the juice macerated with the skins, giving the wine a beautiful golden hue. This is a wine with character, with a gorgeous honey and nutmeg aroma and a bold acidic, tart flavor.

Availability: 17 in stock

The aromatic white Kisi grape comes from Kakheti, where the likes of Mikheil Chonishvili have cultivated it for centuries. The Chona's Marani skin contact Kisi is a classic qvevri-fermented Georgian amber, but one that you can enjoy every day. Complex but easy going, with a lovely aroma and delicious dried fruit notes.

Availability: 18 in stock

The name 'Perill Negre', made up from the Catalan words 'peril' and 'negre' (danger and black) in a referene to the dark, intense purple-red colour of the Sumoll grape. Though very pleasant and well-integrated, this wine is rustically authentic and quite serious. It doesn't play games. Floral with hints of black cherries on the nose, vibrant complexity on the palate with black fruit notes mixed with a moderate, yet confident acidity.

Availability: 21 in stock

Gubi Gubi' is a bright and juicy, intense pink sparkling rosé from Clos Lentiscus. Fruity as can be with a large tendency toward red fruit notes such as raspberry, cowberry and strawberries. 'Gubi Gubi' is medium-bodied in conjunction with a comfortably mid-level acidity. If fizzy is your thing then 'Gubi Gubi' is the one for you at a light 11% ABV with a crisp, bitter finish. This rosé pairs well with lighter dishes such as shellfish and appetisers.

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Clos Lentiscus’ sandy-calcareous soils and Moscatel de Alejandría grapes bring us another wonderful (and quite possibly the most interesting) beverage from their ‘Núria’ range. This pure golden-yellow coloured pét-nat carries a firm muscat push on the nose. Sweet and succulent, the perfect dessert to come after dinner. Flavourful notes of green fruits and, curiously, tropical lychee are a refreshing treat for the palate. At 10.5% ABV this is a nice, light drink that encourages you to maybe, just maybe, open another bottle and keep dessert going a little bit longer. Take care when opening… it may be light but the pressure is high and this is too good a pét-nat to spill!

Availability: 24 in stock

Made from hand-harvested Xarel·lo grapes, this sparkling offers bright and dazzling citrus taste and, of course, the signature flinty note. This wine is organic and biodynamic, and a product of the flourishing healthy ecosystem of the Clos Lentiscus estate.

Availability: 24 in stock

Clos Lentiscus Gentlemant Xarel·lo is a pale golden yellow sparkling from Catalonian mountains of the Garraf Massif by the Mediterranean sea. Its smell is zesty and fresh, its taste pleasantly reminiscent of cream soda. Made with passion, and no pesticides or herbicides.

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Rosato di Ampeleia is a lovely, clear rose pink, reminiscent of a comfortable autumn morning as the last of the year's sunshine makes its appearance. To make this wine, whole clusters of Alicante grapes were left in the Carignano grape must during processing. Whilst this particular rosé is light and not aggressive in its expression, it makes up for it with its focus on the juicy berry tones and acidic nature. A calm, casual rosé.

Availability: 48 in stock

Co-planted with various other types of symbiotic plants and cultivated at between 300-550 metres above sea level, Bianco di Ampeleia is an interesting character. Grown, harvested and processed (with a five day maceration period and six months of ageing in concrete tanks) by the new generation of young wine-makers at Ampeleia, this wine is moderately acidic with a medium-light body. Its almost golden yellow-orange colour connects with the orchard blossom, floral aroma to give you a mental image of the ground from which it grew and the land from where it comes. With a swirl, will the wine will release a touch of sweet honey. Once upon the palate, the richer tones of stone fruits are revealed, followed by a light citrus finish. This is a nice, easy and rather drinkable white to enjoy with almost any food you can imagine!

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Planning to spend an afternoon or evening with good company? Let's be honest, more is better. Aged for six months in concrete tanks to keep its fruity flavour fresh and pure, full of black and red fruit tones and a herbal touch, Unlitro will put a smile on everyone's face. Why settle for a bottle of 75cl when you can have Unlitro?!

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That little bottle will transform your casual drink into a gourmet adventure. Ok, maybe we’re being too dramatic – it’s just a cider. But a really-really good one. Made for a single variety of apple, it's exquisitely aromatic, flavorful, and all-natural. Semi-dry and perfectly balanced.

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This excellent, high-end cider is made with many different varieties of apple (bitter, sweet and acidic) from well-established trees on a superb terroir. Gastronomic, winey and extremely well-balanced.

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A cute, light-hearted, salmon coloured rosé grown in the varying soils of Château Pesquie at the foot of Mont Ventoux, giving her that signature Provence style. Red berry notes play joyfully with shades of citrus; all pleasingly wrapped up with a flinty, mineral coating. Whilst she has a somewhat bitter finish, she’s still sweet and nice on the inside. A perfect companion to that delicious fish that gives her colour its name. Quench your thirst with a smile this summer and explore how the Grenache and Syrah work together to complement a base of Cinsault.

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