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miNImus - Malagouzia vin naturel, PGI (BIO)


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Why we chose it?

‘miNImus’ comes from sandy, loamy soils. Treating the eyes to an intensely even shade of amber. Just as pronounced aromas give away its origins in amphora, who’s terracotta perfume wafts gently in the air. On the palate sandy, light tannins amuse themselves amongst intense and aromatic notes that lean more towards dried fruits and spices. Curiously complex. A refreshing acidity awakens the senses to absorb this 12.5% ABV pleasure, to whom lovers of amphora wines will certainly appreciate. Ageing for four months in French oak barrels and then a further six months in the bottle leaves this gratifying drink a comfortable intermediate-to-advanced in its category. Not too heavy. Not too light. Just right.

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