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The tiniest of bubbles create a fine mousse on this golden-lemon shaded delight. On the nose a lovely array of floral and citrus aromas can be detected. Xpressió's medium body supports a balanced mix of both the sweet and the sour on a smooth earthy base. Green fruits and honey mix nicely with a gentle creaminess. Moderate acidity carries this beverage quite nicely into a medium-long finish. A well rounded Brut that combines well with lighter dishes such as lean fish, shellfish and aperitifs.

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Made from hand-harvested Sumoll grapes, this sparkling is complex and powerful. With a deep colour between copper and amber, it has a taste reminiscent of strawberries and cream and soaked fruit. An excellent companion for duck breast and duck paté.

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In a country where almost everyone makes wine, who's to stop you from becoming an accomplished winemaker in your 20s? Baia Abuladze comes from a family of winemakers, but the idea that she, too, could make wine came to her far away from her family's Imereti home – in Tbilisi whiere the air vibrates with exciting possiblilities and even the wind seems to be whispering "Why the hell not?". Tsolikouri is Baia's thing. It's also West Geogia's favourite grape. This Tsolikouri was fermented in traditional clay qvevris, with part of the juice macerated with the skins, giving the wine a beautiful golden hue. This is a wine with character, with a gorgeous honey and nutmeg aroma and a bold acidic, tart flavor.

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The aromatic white Kisi grape comes from Kakheti, where the likes of Mikheil Chonishvili have cultivated it for centuries. The Chona's Marani skin contact Kisi is a classic qvevri-fermented Georgian amber, but one that you can enjoy every day. Complex but easy going, with a lovely aroma and delicious dried fruit notes.

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Painter and singer Mamuka Kikvadze treats his wine like art. This proudly Gurian winemaker has planted himself on the lush rolling hills of Kartli and became a true expert in cultivating and making wine with the indiginous Kartli grape Chinuri. And that's why Samtavisi is an all-out Kartli wine with an undeniable Gurain character. This Chinuri is the result of 7 months skin contact in the clay qvevri vessel (instead of using locally made qvevris, Mamuka has them brought from his native Guria), yet it is an incredibly light and fresh orange. We found it to be pleasantly acidic and a touch salty, with velvety tannins.

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The young but established winemakers of DoReMi source their grapes from Kartli and Kakheti. Their vineyards are a fragrant tangle of wildflowers and herbs, their process – organic, authentic and free from additives. This white wine had a brief spell of skin contact, leaving it slightly golden and alive with character. Wonderful aromas of nutmeg, rose and wild herbs greet the nose. The palate reveals a full viscous body, a lively cidery acidity and a higly mineral flavor.

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From Clos Lentiscus’ calcareous, sandy soil and rare Sumoll grapes we have ‘Sumoll Feréstec’. The Catalan adjective “feréstec” translates as “wild” and/or “fierce”. However, wild and fierce does not have to mean rough and unsophisticated. ‘Sumoll Feréstec’ proves this point perfectly. Full and alive with crisp complexity, as any truly evolved beast should be. Its fermentation process of seven months is split into two halves: first in oak barrels and the then in clay amphora. Followed by a 60 month ageing process in the bottle, and ending with a well rounded 12.5% ABV. This free-spirited creature has a sweet side too, as honey is included in the second fermentation). This honey is ever-present; from the aromas on the nose to the notes on the palate. A touch of citrus may well be sensed too in this medium bodied espumante.

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When it comes to wine, very few countries can boast the same level of tradition and cultural significance as Georgia. Wine is everything here. This white from West Georgian winemaker Zurab Ghvaladze is made from a blend of indigenous Georgian grapes Tsitska and Tsolikouri, both highly regarded in their native Imereti region. This wine is quite light, citrusy and floral with a really delicious pear candy note in the flavor. Acidity is just right. Exceptionally well crafted and agreeable!

Availability: 6 in stock

The Le Clos des Bachelards Monopole is a groundbreaking, revolutionary wine from the region of Beaujolais. This conventionally light and medium-bodied Gamay has immense elegance and intricacy, capable of keeping you on the edge of your seat from the first drop to the last. It welcomes you with a vibrant smell of red and blue berries and red fruits, and a generous noseful of flowers. The flavor is mineral, spicy and produces a lasting finish. Monopole is one of Comtesse de Vazellies' most acclaimed creations, undoubtedly the result of the hard work, dedication and faith this winemaker puts into her wines. If you're looking for a serious, high-end natural wine, we wholeheartedly recommend this one.


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