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An elegant, chiseled Chardonnay that leaves a lasting impression. Made with love and precision at one of the region's most forward-thinking wineries, this cuvée has a full, tense flavor softened by gentle aromas of honey.

Availability: 16 in stock

"Intense like love", as the winemaker herself puts it, Rosé 01 is the first rosé ever produced at Château des Bachelards. This wine is very vivid, deliciously fruity and decidedly gastronomic, which makes it an excellent table wine to pair with a variety of foods, from tomato pastas, tuna and white meats to fruit and desserts.

Availability: 4 in stock

The Le Clos des Bachelards Monopole is a groundbreaking, revolutionary wine from the region of Beaujolais. This conventionally light and medium-bodied Gamay has immense elegance and intricacy, capable of keeping you on the edge of your seat from the first drop to the last. It welcomes you with a vibrant smell of red and blue berries and red fruits, and a generous noseful of flowers. The flavor is mineral, spicy and produces a lasting finish. Monopole is one of Comtesse de Vazellies' most acclaimed creations, undoubtedly the result of the hard work, dedication and faith this winemaker puts into her wines. If you're looking for a serious, high-end natural wine, we wholeheartedly recommend this one.

Availability: 25 in stock

Château des Bachelards' Saint-Amour is elegance bottled. Brilliant garnet in the glass, the wine unfolds with a vibrant floral fragrance with strong violet notes and a touch of spices. On the palate, this lighter red is silky smooth with a lively acidity and moderate tannin.

Availability: 25 in stock

This Moulin-à-Vent is very powerful, concentrated, and well-defined. The aroma and flavor work beautifully together to evoke an assemblage of ripe red fruits such as raspberries, cherries and pomegranates, yet the variety is not overwhelming. The point of this wine is not to give you a mouthful of different tones, but to impress with its depth and precision. Light, smooth, and quite acidic, this wine is a beautiful illustration of how top grape quality, winemaking skill and modern thinking thrive together at the ancient estate of Château des Bachelards. If you like collecting, this one's for you with at least a decade's aging potential.

Availability: 19 in stock

Another excellent, serious Beaujolais by Alexandra de Vazellies. If you enjoy Beaujolais and haven't tried her stuff yet... Well, you know what to do! This red wine is exquisitely floral on the nose and combines classic red fruit flavors with contemplative earthy undertones. Give this Fleurie some time to open up and blossom into perfection – your patience will be generously rewarded.

Availability: 39 in stock

Pâquerette, or 'Daisy', is a delightful, refreshing lighter red. The wine owes its pure, juicy flavor to the concrete vats it was aged in. These modern vessels have many advantages, such as providing natural circulation of yeast and good insulation, yet they impart no flavor of their own, preserving the genuine taste of the grapes. One of the most moderately priced wines in Château des Bachelards range, Pâquerette is a great place to begin your adventure into Beaujolais and the world of modern French winemaking. Very low sulphite content.

Availability: 11 in stock

Ascencio is named in honor an age-old tale about XVIth century Italian poet Francesco Petrarca who claimed to be the first person since ancient times to climb Mont Ventoux for the simple pleasure of discovery. While the reality of this story is doubtful, Ascencio is certainly not. This dark and luscious 95% Grenache and 5% Syrah blend has a deep purple, almost black, coloring and a fruity, earthy and rich aromatic nature. The flavor is full-bodied and concentrated with a touch of peppered berries and refreshingly ripe and velvety tannins. A few hours of aeration in the decanter is recommended but is a small price to pay to unlock this rare creature's potential. If you can afford to wait even longer, this wine will be absolutely overwhelming in five years! But you'd better buy it up now as it is only produced in limited amounts (under 3 000 bottles)!

Availability: 46 in stock

Artemia is not an easily earned name. Meaning "Good Health" and "Integrity" this wine has certainly earned its title. True to the Northern Rhône style, this wine is a beautiful expression of the Syrah grape (made with a little extra help from the Grenache). Fresh and velvety on the palate with notes of strawberry and raspberry; a flutter of violet flower and a teasing mix of liquorice and spice. A lasting and subtle peppery finish. Drink slightly chilled and remember a smile on the face is the key to good health!

Availability: 1 in stock

This totally unique, exquisitely gastronomic drink is extraordinary even by Eric Bordelet's high standards. Far from your usual pear or apple cider, Cormé is a revival of an ancient tradition, made from the sorb or service tree fruit. The sorb tree, now very rare in Europe, was once planted widely in orchards across the continent. In the northwestern French province of Maine, between the 15th and mid-20th century, it was traditionally used to make Cormé, a popular fermented fruit wine. Bordelet found, selected and cultivated the sorb to bring back this traditional beverage, giving it just enough of a modern twist. Authentic and original, this drink has the complexity of wine and wonderful fruity aromatics. The producer recommends pairing it with strong, sweet spicy flavors.

Availability: 25 in stock

That little bottle will transform your casual drink into a gourmet adventure. Ok, maybe we’re being too dramatic – it’s just a cider. But a really-really good one. Made for a single variety of apple, it's exquisitely aromatic, flavorful, and all-natural. Semi-dry and perfectly balanced.
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