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The cheerful and approachable Baby Banditoes make a great introduction to Testalonga. Made from organic Cinsault grapes, Chin Up is a refreshing and very gulpaple light red. We picked up lovely aromas of red fruits, malt, moss, and plums. Natural, hand pressed, unfiltered and unfined.

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The Baby Bandito wines are your first stop in exploring the Testalonga universe. Made from 100% Chenin Blanc, Keep on punching is refreshing and thirst-quenching. Aromas of semi-ripe pear, flint, salt, elderberry, almond. A hand-pressed, unfiltered, unfined, natural wine.

Availability: 12 in stock

The Baby Bandito wines are the entry into the world of Testalonga wines. This one is a refreshing lighter red. Aromas of morello cherries, redcurrants, beetroot & dark dark chocolate. Caution: extreme drinking flow! As with the great El Bandito wines, Testalonga uses no additives or technical gimmicks.

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This wine was created to unleash the depths of Shiraz, with its classic dark fruit and richness. But Testalonga would not be Testalonga if they offered you a normal and predictable Shiraz experience. El Bandito - The Dark Side is a refreshing combination of true dark Shiraz character - with beautiful aromas of raspberry, plum, clove, dark chocolate - yet it is much lighter, bolder and younger (both in flavor and style), with nice tannins and a gentle acidity.

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The fourth element to complete Luddite's perfectly balanced minimalistic label range, Saboteur White was created to be both serious and refreshing. Like its red counterpart, Saboteur White is born afresh with every vintage, treated and blended for perfect balance. The 2020 is 61% Chenin Blanc, 20% Viognier and 19% Blanc Fumé, juicy and elegant with a hint of tropical fruit.

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A perfect entry to the world of Miles Mossop wines, the Introduction series is a way to experience the philosophy, style and excellent quality MMW at a lower price. Processed with the same skill and care as other labels yet bottled faster, within the year of the vintage, this wine expresses the many facets of South Africa’s Chenin Blanc. Beautifully textured, delicate on the nose, and full of flavor.
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