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A quaint, gentle and slightly bristly creation, made with utter ignorance of modern technology. It’s got a crisp acidity and a soft touch of cider and sauerkraut. The Sauvignon Blanc was treated in different ways: part in whole bunches, part pressed, and aged in stainless steel containers and amphoras respectively. Several barrels were set aside, not quite full and not quite airtight, to naturally develop a thin film of yeast on the surface. Then blended together, unfiltered and unfined.

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First created in 2008, this Bandito was destined to become South Africa’s first ever orange wine. Fermented with wild yeast and set aside for maceration with skins for 8 days, then aged in oak for 6 months a 3000L oak barrel. The 2020 vintage has a complex aroma of candied fruit, butterscotch, white tea, acacia honey and an extreme minerality. Enjoy it as it is, or pair it with food. It's up to you. We're not your parents.

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100% Assyrtiko grapes selected by hand and crushed underfoot. The traditional way. Its slightly cloudy, light amber coloring suggests, correctly, the modest bouquet of citrus and green fruits. With a little extra swirl these scents really begin to present themselves. Easily orange in the mouth with the same fruity nature as in the open aromatics. After the hand gathering and foot stamping process, MInimus is aged for three to four months in (six year old) French oak barrels with no additives. 13% ABV and well structured. No extremes nor funkiness can be found in this stimulating, low sulphur wine. A little extra aeration really brings MInimus into its full glory.

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Like the sweet waft of September wind. This elegant and zesty cuvée of Moravia’s native Pálava grapes and Welschriesling is high in tannins and full of intense tangerine notes.

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An excellent, high-quality natural orange from Slovenia’s wine growing region of Podravje. A cuvée of Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscaris and Sauvigner Gris (yep, you read that right), it has been macerated with skins for 5 days to gain complexity and a beautiful amber color. This wine is incredibly well put together, with all its elements sitting in just the right place.
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