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Availability: Noliktavā 99 prece/-es

Fun casual tote bag made from a durable cotton fabric. Size 38x42cm will comfortably fit a laptop. We have also discovered it is the perfect size to carry the Noble Rot magazine.

Availability: Noliktavā 6 prece/-es

The tiniest of bubbles create a fine mousse on this golden-lemon shaded delight. On the nose a lovely array of floral and citrus aromas can be detected. Xpressió's medium body supports a balanced mix of both the sweet and the sour on a smooth earthy base. Green fruits and honey mix nicely with a gentle creaminess. Moderate acidity carries this beverage quite nicely into a medium-long finish. A well rounded Brut that combines well with lighter dishes such as lean fish, shellfish and aperitifs.

Availability: Noliktavā 23 prece/-es

Made from hand-harvested Sumoll grapes, this sparkling is complex and powerful. With a deep colour between copper and amber, it has a taste reminiscent of strawberries and cream and soaked fruit. An excellent companion for duck breast and duck paté.
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