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Availability: Noliktavā 6 prece/-es

A wild dessert for the grown-up gourmand. This bright spritzy rosé is made from biodynamic Blaufränkisch, a spicy rich red grown in Central and Eastern Europe, with a little Cabernet Sauvignon. The tannins are balanced by a lively acidity to make a smooth, fresh, thirst-quenching wine. You might taste red grapefruit and strawberries – the color alone will inevitably put you in mind of pink and red fruits.

Availability: Noliktavā 7 prece/-es

A complex, deep and thoughtful wine with a brilliant copper rose color. It takes you on a journey through a wonderland of berries, fruits, spices and herbs, leaving you to decide where to linger. An experience you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Unfiltered and unfined.

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Exemplary cheeky natural from Burgenland. The kind of wine that will raise the eyebrows of those who prefer everything vanilla. This wine is definitely not vanilla. It's much better. Cloudy, slightly yeasty with nice tannins thanks to maceration, it has an amazing tropical fruit aroma and a fresh citrusy taste. You might even pick up a gentle flowery hint of blonde ale. An excellent casual wine with individuality.

Availability: Noliktavā 2 prece/-es

A series of wonderful coincidences or the result of conscious decisions? Whatever a perfect day is to you, this Perfect Day was created in a beautifully complex process, with a kaleidoscope of local organic grapes which were treated separately each in their own way to achieve the best results. Merged into a single wine, they make a staggeringly good fruity and floral orange (with some nice natural playfulness!).

Availability: Noliktavā 7 prece/-es

Natural wines of the cloudier farmhouse type do have a reputation for tasting cirdery. So why not go all out and just mix the two together? A cheerful wake up call to anyone who takes wines too seriously. No filternig or sulphites, only highly drinkable fermented fruit juice with equal parts of white wine made from Merlot grapes and apple juice (cider).

Availability: Noliktavā 5 prece/-es

A wild animal with a hypnotizing stare. This red blend pét-nat is so rich and ripe it's ready to jump out of the bottle and engulf you in its spicy fruitiness. Shamelessly authentic, and very far from your ordinary sparkling, this wine has the quality and style that sets apart Quantum's most imaginative creations.

Availability: Noliktavā 8 prece/-es

They all do it, so why shouldn't you? Especially when it's the result of an exciting winemaking collaboration between Austria's playful wine magician Quantum and Italian winery Tenuta l'Armonia. An extremely fruity and easy-going natural frizzante (same method as most Prosecco wines), with a touch of strawberies in milk, great balance, nice acidity and a satisfying bitter finish. The perfect summer sparkling.
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