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Gubi Gubi' is a bright and juicy, intense pink sparkling rosé from Clos Lentiscus. Fruity as can be with a large tendency toward red fruit notes such as raspberry, cowberry and strawberries. 'Gubi Gubi' is medium-bodied in conjunction with a comfortably mid-level acidity. If fizzy is your thing then 'Gubi Gubi' is the one for you at a light 11% ABV with a crisp, bitter finish. This rosé pairs well with lighter dishes such as shellfish and appetisers.

Availability: Noliktavā 7 prece/-es

A wild dessert for the grown-up gourmand. This bright spritzy rosé is made from biodynamic Blaufränkisch, a spicy rich red grown in Central and Eastern Europe, with a little Cabernet Sauvignon. The tannins are balanced by a lively acidity to make a smooth, fresh, thirst-quenching wine. You might taste red grapefruit and strawberries – the color alone will inevitably put you in mind of pink and red fruits.

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Exemplary cheeky natural from Burgenland. The kind of wine that will raise the eyebrows of those who prefer everything vanilla. This wine is definitely not vanilla. It's much better. Cloudy, slightly yeasty with nice tannins thanks to maceration, it has an amazing tropical fruit aroma and a fresh citrusy taste. You might even pick up a gentle flowery hint of blonde ale. An excellent casual wine with individuality.

Availability: Noliktavā 9 prece/-es

They all do it, so why shouldn't you? Especially when it's the result of an exciting winemaking collaboration between Austria's playful wine magician Quantum and Italian winery Tenuta l'Armonia. An extremely fruity and easy-going natural frizzante (same method as most Prosecco wines), with a touch of strawberies in milk, great balance, nice acidity and a satisfying bitter finish. The perfect summer sparkling.

Availability: Noliktavā 1 prece/-es

An unfined and unfiltered wild orange from the ovioid. Take a sip and observe a swirl of colorful, sharp and prickly acidic flavors that take the forms of peaches, apricots, and oranges… Wow. This would make an unforgettable summer day-drinking experience.
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