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Bianco di Ampeleia 2019 Magnum


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Availability: Noliktavā 12 prece/-es

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From the innovative young winemakers at Ampeleia we have this wonderful Tuscan white, co-planted with other symbiotic plants in the true, harmonic fashion that we’ve come to know from Ampeleia. Following a five day maceration period, this wine is aged over the course of six months in concrete tanks; preserving the fruit flavours without outside influence from other materials (such as oak). An inviting yellow-orange color is our first clue to the easy nature of this wine. On the nose, there’s anorchard blossom aroma. With a swirl, the wine will release a touch of sweet honey. Richer tones of stone fruits are revealed on the palate, followed by a light citrus finish. This is a nice, easy and rather drinkable white to enjoy with almost any food you can imagine!

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