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Blanc De Noirs Brut


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Availability: Noliktavā 36 prece/-es

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All families have their traditions. The Fleury family has one too. They have been making this signature cuvée since Robert Fleury created it in 1955. Back then, life was probably black and white, everyone drove a convertible and talked like a new-wave film character. Organic and biodynamic viticulture was just beginning to emerge.

Today, the iconic Blanc de Noir Brut tastes as great as it did nearly seventy years ago. Shimmering, with a noble golden hue, it hits the nose with a delicate and complex aroma of flowers, honey, and peach. The taste is elegantly balanced, fresh, crisp, and fruity.

This champagne is individual and charismatic, and amazing on its own, but some nice starters will complement it wonderfully.

This edition’s 2017 base is enriched with 25% reserve wines aged ‘solera’ style in oak barrels. This bottle spent 39 months on lees and was dosed with 4.9g/l past disgorgement in October 2021.

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