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Laora NV Brut Rose


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Availability: Noliktavā 4 prece/-es

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Laora is a lovely golden rose color, full of aromas of red berries, elderflower and herbs. A crisp and fruity flavor evokes a feeling of summer, with tangled raspberry bushes and fields full of wildflowers. While it is made using the traditional method, just like Champagne, winemaker Bastien Warskotte (by the way, a native of Champagne), adds a special twist to his sparkling creations. His sparkling wines are Non Vintage. This means that instead of being made the same way and tasting a little different each year (varying from vintage to vintage), these wines are thoughtfully reinvented every time – with the goal of achieving the same style and profile. Each year, Laora stays true to herself, no matter what qualities and flavors nature has bestowed on the fruit. The blend is different ratios of Chinuri, Tsitska and Aladasturi plus up to 15% of a special Qvevri reserve wine. No fining, no filtration, only organic viticulture.

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